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Our new Clay and Metal lacquer finishes..Super cool and chic!
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Our new and very exciting Clay and Metal lacquer finishes for our range of media living room furniture and sideboards…But also for bookcase doors and drawers..

Clay finishes…Piombo and Oro…

The special finish of the Clay surface is rigorously handmade by expert craftsmen on composite panels.

On the base surface, which is made of natural materials as quartz flour and mineral sands with controlled granularity and without salts and impurity, once it is dry, many coats of transparent acrylic are applied. This treatment protects the surface from filth and oil infiltration’s.
The peculiarity of the product and by way of its application, gives the surface a cement appearance, with features typical of its nature, as small imperfections, little wholes, imprecise squared angles and not homogeneous marks of the spatula. These enhance the handmade manufacture.
The clay finish is characterized by an adequate resistance to scrapings and possible spots. In any case, a correct treatment and maintenance of the product is very important. For what concerns the cleaning of the surfaces, a use of neutral cleansers and of microfiber rags is recommended. It is also advisable to wash the cleansers in order to reduce the risk of corrosion of the surface coat. It is highly discouraged the use of concentrated cleansers and of steam cleaning.

The metal lacquers…Bronzo, Piombo and Oro…

The metal lacquer requires from 8 to 10 handmade operations from skilled craftsmen.
In order to have a pleasing surface to the touch, the panels are subjected to manufacturing cycles of polishing, and brushing in order to to obtain the desired effect.
To the touch, the texture is homogeneous and the shading effect makes unique each panel realized with this procedure.
The Metal looking lacquer has excellent resistance to abrasion, scratches and stains.

Please contact us for further details and images…

Thank you!!

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  1. Kate 3 years ago

    Such a beautiful cabinet in the picture. Can’t wait to explore your site and see more! :)

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