Bags and bags of… bags: Tamara Ecclestone opens the doors to her Hermes-filled walk in wardrobe

Bags and bags of… bags: Tamara Ecclestone opens the doors to her Hermes-filled walk in wardrobe
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Tamara Ecclestone walk in wardrobe

Tamara Ecclestone loves bags. Particularly Hermes Birkin bags. But even her billionaire father – Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone, Britain’s fourth richest man sometimes feels her bag-buying habit is getting out of hand. Speaking to InStyle magazine, the socialite – whose estimated worth is £300m – said: ‘Sometimes he’s like, “Another handbag, Tamara? That’s a bit nuts”…I think he’s glad that I’m not hurting other people. I’ve never been to rehab. It could be worse.’ Ecclestone, 28, is standing inside her legendary walk-in wardrobe, a multi-room experience in her Chelsea home that is stuffed to bursting with designer garments, accessories, shoes and bags. In the shoe section there are over 120 pairs of Louboutin heels – an average cost of £500 each. And she has a glass cabinet reserved exclusively for some 30 Hermes Birkins in every colour of the rainbow – bags which routinely sell for between £5,000 and £100,000. But soon Ecclestone will be packing all her glittering possessions into boxes (or, rather, she’ll be paying someone else to do it), and leaving the house that has a swimming pool in the sitting room… for one that has a nightclub in her basement, a bowling alley and a million pound bathtub. She and her dogs – Alvin, Puggle Socky, Buster, Hob Nob and Duke – will be relocating to the £45m Kensington mansion (complete with £18m of refurbishments) she bought for herself and her now ex-boyfriend, stockbroker Omar Khyami, 38. But for now, her clothes and bags are keeping her warm at night, even though her mother, former Croat model Slavica, says her daughter’s wardrobe appalls her. She said: ‘My mum walks into my wardrobe and goes, “You’re sick, Tamara! This isn’t normal!’ Which it probably isn’t, but… it makes me so happy.’ In the new house, Ecclestone’s wardrobe will be spread over an entire wing and feature a lingerie cabinet, handbags on a conveyor rack and two TVs.


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