A small home gets an airy and open renovation

A small home gets an airy and open renovation
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AR Design Studio recently tackled the renovation of a small, four bedroom home and transformed it into an expansive, open space that blurs the line between indoors and out.

Due to the surrounding neighbourhood, the studio was faced with the undertaking of extending the property completely, but without making a heavy visual impact on the exterior street scene. As a result, they created a vertical addition, with a grand, spacious master bedroom on the first floor. By using the same material for the extension as the original building, a strong link is set between old and new, with a streamlined appearance. Another, single story extension towards the back of the house is a large, open space with a kitchen, dining room, and living room. With floor-to-ceiling windows and light neutral colours, the space is a peaceful respite for the family. – Nanette Wong.

A great project from AR Design Studio. I love the space and open feel to the kitchen with its sleek, linear contemporary lines of cabinetry that just seem to blend in to the walls. The high gloss white reflects all the light from the huge expanse of glass doors, bringing the outside in! Plenty of space here in this kitchen giving the chunky light wood table its prominence as a centre piece with its complimentary white dining chairs and enough wall space for a large TV and small amount of media/home entertainment storage. The Interior design certainly has a feel of being Italian and I can envisage what the rest of the interior has to offer in terms of living room furniture…Perhaps low chunky coffee tables, soft light fabric and leather Italian armchairs and sofas, a bright white expanse of made to measure shelving, maybe a TV cabinetry centre piece and sideboards offering soft greys, neutral creams and mushroom lacquers with dark wood contrasts, fine contemporary art and carefully situated elegant mirrors and sculptures!? I could go on and on in dream land..But who knows!!?? The dream continues up the glass and light wood staircase the sleek look and colour themes continue and roll in to the large, light swamped bedrooms and dressing rooms. Smoked glass wardrobe doors and dark oak walk in wardrobe furniture create a pleasing and eye catching contrast in the master bedroom, with her white, thick pile luxury carpets..Subtle but colourful linens and fabrics drape the low super king size Italian bed with bedside drawers that match and compliment the darker wood of the wardrobes..All ties in beautifully, the somewhat antique style bedroom chair, born again in a very modern fabric and the ornate French dressing table finishes off this surprisingly near eclectic but perfect evening space.

Contemporary London architecture at its best! Paul. www.walkinwardrobezone.com

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