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You may have a spare room, unused box room, an existing space within your bedroom or you may have purposely built room especially for a new walk in wardrobe? Either one, an open style walk in wardrobe will work for you.

walk in wardrobe ideas

A dividing (stud) wall within a large room will enable you to create a walk in area.

bedroom furniture ideas

A partition wall will enable you to hide the system with unlimited access while keeping the space down to a minimum.


If your room is big enough you could build two dividing walls and have 'his' and 'hers' areas.


A very simple L-shape in a small box room. Ideal for maximising the space.


Again a small room with peninsular walls.


A long room with door and window each end will enable you to have a galley style set up. One or both walls could be used.


This is an awkward attic space. Being a modular system helps maximise the larger areas.


This is a straight wall either in a purpose built room or existing bedroom. There are no rules saying that a walk in system should be in a room of its own, divided or partitioned off.


A large room with a U-shape configuration.This works well at the end or side of a room with no doors or windows.


This shows the system versitility. A configuration showing a mounted flat screen tv with drawers for storage and shelves for you digital box/ video or music system.

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